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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Only to be used as souvenirs or decorative objects. These seeds are not for domestic or agriculture use and prohibited in the EC for germination. No sales to persons under 18 years. The producers and retailer do not accept any illegal, third party use.

Our seeds are produced with care and meet the highest quality standards. Our Seeds are under constant quality control. This enables us to handle germination guaranty of 99%. Each strain has it's own date of usability, so that's why we give a general guarantee of germination until the 2nd year after purchase.

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2018.05.20 - Ons NIEUWE ASSORTIMENT CANNABIS ZADEN is binnen!! Autoflowers genoeg, maar nog niet allemaal online..
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DHK Autoflower Mix
Dit is een 'Mix' van '5' verschillende soorten 'Autoflowers'...

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