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CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM)

CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM)
CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM)
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CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM) CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM) CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM) CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM) CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM) CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM) CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM) CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM) CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM) CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM) CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM) CACTUS - Peyote Cactus (55MM)
Model: CACT001
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(Lophophora williamsi)

Once a year the Mexican Huichol Indians go on a pilgrimage to Wirikuta: the paradise, the land of ancestors where the Peyote comes from. Peyote is consumed during the pilgrimage; this is an important religious experience for the Huichol. The visions are holy, purifying and a forebode to the future.

Het plantje dat we verkopen moet eerst nog een kleine 5 jaar groeien vooraleer men deze kan consumeren.
The plant we sell needs to grow at least 5 years before use.

Hallucinogenic, comparable to LSD-25 but softer, more natural, warm and sympathetic. Beautiful colors. The visions are intense, sometimes confronting and usually very meaningful. Effects will start half an hour after consumption and will last for 6 to 12 hours.

Gebruik / Use:
The top (button) of the cactus (4 to 5 years old = 1,5 inch) is cut off and dried. The Peyote will develop new buttons on the wound that can be "picked" later on. The Peyote is not allowed to have any water for two weeks (this will increase the levels of alkaloids) before harvesting. Peyote can be consumed in different ways; the dried buttons can be ground in a pepper grinder. The powder is mixed with a little water and rolled into balls. These balls are eaten slowly in the course of half an hour. The nasty flavor will be more bearable with some grapefruit juice. Boiling the powder in water for a couple of hours can also make a tea. It'll be better though to make an extract by boiling the powder in 250 ml of water with the juice of 2 lemons for half an hour. Pass all of it through a handkerchief. Save the liquid and boil the Peyote in 250 ml of water with the juice of 1 lemon for half an hour. Pass the liquid through a handkerchief again and repeat the last step. The juice is drunk in the course of half an hour. Last, the Peyote-powder can also be smoked. The effect is a lot less but some appreciate the combination with marihuana. Peyote can best be experienced in nature or in a quiet environment. Make sure you take care of the ambiance: candlelight instead of electric light, incense, etc.

Dosering / Dosage:
The right dosage should be determined experimentally. A normal dose of mescaline is anything from 0,3 to 0,8 grams, approximately the content of 5 to 10 buttons, 4 to 5 years old. The content of mescaline can vary extensively between different cacti. You also need to consider bodyweight and individual sensitivity. Circa 3 grams of the dried Peyote is a good average dose.


Neven Effecten / Side effects:
In the first hour after ingestion you might feel nausea. That is why traditionally a fasting-period of at least six hours is taken into consideration. Your muscles, especially in the neck, can start aching and you might feel cramps. These symptoms disappear after 1 or 2 hours. Besides that no physical side effects are known, there's no hangover. The peyote cactus is hallucinogenic and visionary. Individuals with psychological problems should not use Peyote at all. More than 1,5 grams of mescaline can cause liver-dysfunction and eventually death due to paralyzed bronchial tubes. 



De kleine, stekelloze peyote cactus (Lophophora williamsii) komt oorspronkelijk voor in Zuid-Texas en Noord-Mexico. De cactus is een belangrijk religieus sacrament onder veel inheemse volkeren in het noorden en midden van Amerika. In grote delen van Mexico worden helende krachten aan de cactus toegedicht. Tijdens een trip ervaren gebruikers dat de cactus een 'helende werking heeft op de ziel en advies geeft voor genezing'.

De belangrijkste stoffen in de peyote cactus zijn:
    • mescaline (3,4,5- trimethoxy-B-phenethylamine)
    • n-methylmescaline
    • n-acetylmescaline
    • lophophorine
    • thyramine
    • hordinenine 
    • anhalaninine
    • anhalonidine
    • pellotine
    • o-methyllanhalonidine

Het belangrijkste alkaloïde van de Peyote cactus is mescaline.



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